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April is National Library Month! In celebration, we are doing 3 things at Old Town.

Stop Motion

Show your library some love!  Make a stop motion video about the library, and if we like it, we will show it on KTEX!  Send me an email at [email protected] with the link to your video any time before the end of April.

Library Card

Show us your Public Library Card and get a free book from Mrs. Rabe’s stash of free books!  Don’t have a public library card?  Ask your parents to get one!

Old Town <3′s Libraries!









Sign your name to the board and show your library love!



I Survived!!!!! You get to pick the next topic!

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I Survived #9 cover

Straight from the Scholastic website in their feature section called On My Mind:

“The sense of shared humanity that follows global disasters is only one reason why the I SURVIVED series by Lauren Tarshis is opening the door to important conversations – conversations with second, third, and fourth graders about the compelling stories that both captivate them and bring history to life with every book. Seeing history through firsthand accounts is energizing kids’ imaginations and broadening their understandings of the past.

From the destruction of Pompeii (book coming September 2014) to the Japanese Tsunami of 2011, I SURVIVED explores current affairs as well as the historical disasters that shape our present. Author Lauren Tarshis does extensive research for each book, but they don’t read like your average history lesson: book after book, the series has kids on the edge of their seats. It’s no wonder that I SURVIVED is approaching more than 7.8 million books in print and digital formats!

And now, there’s huge news: kids can pick the topic of the next I SURVIVED book!

Scholastic and Lauren Tarshis are asking readers to choose the setting of our next survival story from three exciting choices:

The Winter at Valley Forge, 1777
The Great Chicago Fire, 1871
The Hindenburg Disaster, 1937

Send your kids, students, and favorite young readers to www.scholastic.com/isurvived to take the poll and weigh in on the next book! While they’re there, they can take the Survival Skills quiz, check out the disaster area, and read up on the whole series.”

Comment below and let me know which choice you voted for.  I will randomly select a winner to receive a free copy of a book from the I Survived series!

Good Luck!  Mrs. Rabe


Battle of the Bluebonnets!

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Are you ready??

Battle Ad

Enter the Wonder Contest!

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Attention 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders!

I’m able to take only 45 kids with me on a VERY SPECIAL field trip to go see the author of Wonder, R.J. Palacio, speak on February 10th during the school day. If you read the book Wonder and you really liked it and want to be a part of this great opportunity, come to the library or click here for a form today.

Interested students must have read the book Wonder and be in grades 3-5. To be considered, complete one of two short projects: Either a well-written paragraph stating how the book was meaningful to you and if you liked the book, or a short 1 minute video with you talking about how the book was meaningful to you and if you liked the book.

For more information and the rubric, visit eBackpack today!

Look who’s wearing an OTE t-shirt on the Brooklyn Bridge!

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Our favorite author, Phil Bildner!

Showing his OTE love on the Brooklyn Bridge!

Showing his OTE love on the Brooklyn Bridge!

New books!

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Phil Bildner Recommends!

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Check out these great books that author Phil Bildner recommended during his most recent visit to OTE!

Text Auggie!

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We are going to pretend that we can text Auggie some encouragement before he starts his first year of public school! Swing on by the library to pick up your cell phone template, write your encouraging words and thoughts, and I will post it on the Wonder bulletin board outside the library!

Choose Kind,
Mrs. Rabe

September Contest!

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This year Round Rock ISD is having a “One Book, One Community” event centered on the book Wonder by R.J. Palacio.  The main character is a 5th grader named August.  All year, we will pretend that Auggie is at school with us!  Each month of the school year, we will have an activity related to the book.

This month, we will have a contest!  Auggie’s teacher, Mr. Browne, posts a rule to live by every month.   In the book, the September rule is this: 

“When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind.”  ~Dr. Wayne W. Dyer.

Comment below, and tell me one way you can “Choose Kind” this year.   I will choose one exceptional entry and the winner will receive a copy of Wonder to keep!

Welcome Back!

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I love school supplies! There’s nothing like a new batch of freshly sharpened pencils, clean and unused notebooks, pristine folders and binders!

There’s an energy to the air when the school year is new.  It’s a new chance, a clean slate, full of opportunity.

Here’s to a great 2013-2014 school year!

Mrs. Rabe (pronounced Rob)